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Family photos are no longer just in a shoebox or a family album under the coffee table. Family photos are everywhere - in your iPhone, on your computer, posted to social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook or Flickr. It seems difficult to keep tabs on where all our images are going.

Francesca Yribarren & Serafin Berecochea

Francesca Yribarren & Serafin Berecochea

Francesca Yribarren was born in May of 1875 in Northern Spain, not far from border with France, in the town of Olondriz. She arrived to America in 1892 . 

Sereoktsfin Osanvla "Serafin" Berecochea was also born in Northern Spain, on August 20, 1874. The 1900 and 1910 Federal Census indicates his arrival to America in 1890, while the 1920 Federal Census shows it was 1892.  

Francesca and Serafin were married and living in a San Francisco apartment building at 621 Pacific Street near Columbus Ave in June of 1900. Serafin was employed as a day laborer. Francesca was pregnant at this time and gave birth the family’s first child, Edward Joseph Berecochea on August 5, 1900.  Three years later, while still living in San Francisco, daughter Mary was born on March 4th 1904.

The family had moved to Seattle, Washington where Seferin was employed as a Marine Fireman and Francesca was running a boarding house for additional income. Their son, Frank William was born on July 13, 1907.

Tragedy struck in 1909 when their fourth child, an unnamed infant, was born and died on September 24, 1909.

Then, in 1911, on February 24th, Francesca was murdered in their home by Joseph A Allison. Then, two month later, her grief-stricken husband is sent to prison for the the fatal shooting of a random man in a bar. 

You can read newspaper accounts from The Seattle Times http://leverenz.com/berecochea

Edward, Frank & Mary Berecochea

Their three children were sent to live with relatives. 

Edward was living with Martin Yribarren at his farm in Tranquility, California west of Fresno in Sept of 1918, as indicated on his WWI draft registration card. The assumption that this is Francesca’s brother is based on the facts that they both share the last name, they were both born in Spain, their birthdates are close in years, their arrival to America is the same year (1890) and when Francesca and Serafin were married they were in living in nearby San Francisco.

As of the 1920 Federal Census he's living in Calexico, California on the US-Mexico border just north of Mexicali, Mexico, working on a sheep ranch as a laborer. He's living with his father, Serafin Berecochea, now out of prison, who is also working at the sheep ranch as a foreman. 

As indicated in the 1920 Federal Census, Frank at age 12 was living with an aunt, Eulalie Frechou (age 53) in just south of Fresno in Monroe, California. His cousins Mike (24) and Peter (23) were also living in the household. It’s possible that Eulalie is Martin and Francesca’s sister, but this has not been confirmed.

I've been unable to confirm where Mary was living, but I did find in the 1920 Federal Census a Mary Berecochea living with a family in Los Angeles. She is listed as "daughter" and the age is correct - 15 years old. The head of the household is listed as George Berecochea and his wife is Henrietta. They also have another daughter listed a June Berecochea age 13. Both George (65) and Henrietta (45) are listed a being born in Spain, with their both arrival dates 1898.  *It’s important to note that could be a coincidence.*

Serefin's WWI draft registation card shows him living at 128 N 4th El Centro, Imperial, California as of September 12, 1918, at 44 years of age.

Scott Leverenz
Portland, Oregon

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