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Family photos are no longer just in a shoebox or a family album under the coffee table. Family photos are everywhere - in your iPhone, on your computer, posted to social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook or Flickr. It seems difficult to keep tabs on where all our images are going.

19 Ancestors That Gave Us Independence

19 Ancestors That Gave Us Independence

Since it's Independence Day, I thought I'd share my family research finds from [FamilySearch.org], which is owned and maintained by the LDS Church. They have a web service called "Relationship Finder" and I've been able to link our family line some of the brave individuals that signed the Declaration of Independence.

Our family is related to 19 (one-third) of the 56 individuals that signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.

The chart below indicates the name of the signer who is our relative and then shows our (my) actual relationship to that person. Your’s may vary, depending on our relationship. Then, the the next column indicates the colony they represent. Many were actually born in other states or countries. The last two columns show the immediate family line connection, so with Gilbert, it's Jeanne's (the maternal) side of the family Jeanne's side and the with Williams, it's Lew's (the paternal) side of the family, by way my grandmother, Hazel.






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